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At xCamper we live and breathe for the open road and the lure of the wild unknown. Those unforgettable nights spent stargazing, waking up in the heart of the wild, and grilling marshmallows over a campfire? That's our kind of magic. We live for those adventures, and we think everyone should get a taste of this fantastic holiday style. With so many camper vehicles waiting to embark on new adventures, yet often left unused or gathering dust in storage, we saw an opportunity to share the joy of vehicle camping. By connecting these idle campers with eager explorers, we create unique experiences for travellers while putting some extra cash in their owner's pockets. By sharing these vehicles, we aim to reduce emissions and open up more chances for people to dive into the exhilarating world of vehicle camping.

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Our community keeps growing, which means more campers to hire across all locations in Europe and more vetted travellers looking for a perfect campervan to hire. Jump-start your search with a few popular destinations.







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