About Xcamper

Our mission is to inspire travel off the beaten track, encouraging our users to experience the magic of wild and beautiful places and create lasting memories.

About Us

Passionate travellers and champions of the outdoors, here at Xcamper we love the magic of camping. Memories flood back of childhood sky-gazing, sleeping in the wild and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. We believe this adventurous way of holidaying is something everyone should experience.

Our research tells us the vast majority of camper vehicles are under-used: sitting in driveways or locked up in storage facilities when they could instead be put to good use bringing pleasure whilst generating an income. Whatever your circumstances, 'sharing' these vehicles means reduced consumption, and more opportunities for people to experience the thrill of vehicle camping.

We are global

Our community keeps growing, which means more camping vehicles to hire in locations all across Europe and more vetted travellers looking for a perfect holiday camper. Jump-start your search with a few popular destinations.

Want to join the team?

Are you, like us, drawn to the outdoors and want to help us shape the way Xcamper evolves? If so, head over to our careers page to see available positions and learn how you can leave your footprint on our company.


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